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Joaquin Donato Alcerro García

Joaquín Alcerro is a Honduran entrepreneur and ICT Consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He started his career in Information Technology as hardware technician going thru sales and management. He studied IT from the ground up and recently obtained his master’s degree in IT Management as summa cum laude. This progressive growth has given him a very good sense of ICT Sector and commercial awareness that adds value to his customers and ventures. He is founder of the KOICA Alumni Association in Honduras.

As IT Consultant he has worked for the private and public sector. In the private sector, he has been able to help his customers implementing diverse IT technologies in their business since 1995 optimizing their operations and adding value to their services. In the public sector he has been able to actively participate on multiple e-government projects including e-government diagnostic and strategy definition, the implementation of IT infrastructure for the Justice Sector, definition of Digital Agenda proposal, IT Sector Reform Law, Digital Signature Law and one laptop per child pilot project for the Education Sector.

As an entrepreneur he has created several IT startups company’s including the establishment of the first commercial Data Center in Honduras. He has been responsible for the company’s complete life cycle including legal constitution, product and services definition, marketing, sales and management. He has learned from his ventures and is preparing for the next one.

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Skype: joaquin.alcerro / Twitter: @jalcerro



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