Don’t agree – Why Ford CEO Mulally could be the right person to lead Microsoft

Why Ford CEO Mulally could be the right person to lead Microsoft

I totally disagree with this post. To start, if he was Ballmer’s advisor, he could be part of the decisions that led to Ballmer’s retirement from the company. Second, if this is right, it’s clear he is not capable of leading a high tech company like Microsoft in a fast evolving innovative industry.

Some examples: Yahoo hired Marissa Mayer and Guy Kawasaki is now with Motorola. Two persons that understands the industry.

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft has a lot of potential and is sure a leading company in this industry. In my opinion, they just haven’t been able to sell the company to the consumers as well as others like Apple. Microsoft is more focus on the corporate market and struggling for the mass consumers.

Look a the big picture: Microsoft has: 1. Corporate Market with all their corporate software Windows server platform; 2. Desktop Windows Platform and office suite of applications; 3. Cloud Platform Azure; 3. Telecommunication and collaboration platform Skype; 4. Mobile telephone industry Nokia; 5. Tablet; 6. Game platform XBOX.

I think they are missing content to attract mass consumers and you can see it with XBOX they are doing very well, why? Games, content.

What’s your opinion? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Joaquín Alcerro


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