@alexia Opinion about Klout Scores

About Klout Scores

I just recently watched the interview La Web did to Klout’s CEO, Joe Fernandez. The interview was conducted by Alexia Tsotsis. Apparently this interview was subject to lots of criticism and Alexia popped out the question: Was I too hard on Klout’s Joe Fernandez?

As I twitted recently, in my opinion Alexia made her point based on results on the score Klout assigned to different persons. Joe, in his part, said that Klout’s team was aware of this type of “inaccuracies” and that they where working on it and actually they where working in a new algorithm that will be released in October.

Based on this interview, I singed in to Klout to see what happens. I was awarded a 10 so I tried to understand the genesis of this number. First, I went into Klout’s Web Site (http://klout.com/understand/score) and found out that Klout Score “measures your online influence on a scale of 1 to 100”.

Klout’s Web Site defines influence as the “ability to drive action”. So I influence you if I am able to convince you to drive action.

And based on this definition is how l state my opinion.

First, considering that Klout measures only online influence, I can say that Klout refers to Online Social Influence. With that said, Klout measures the influence that you have on the people that you have on your network only. But you can have multiple networks, one for friends, coworkers, etc. where you publish different content.

So my point is that Klout has to understand the type of network I have, the content and the context of that content published and if that content drives you to action in order to give you more points on your score. If Klout doesn’t understand this issues, the score may be inaccurate.

I am not saying that Klout is not accurate but  it requires a lot of Artificial Intelligence on their systems to be accurate on who influences who and drives them to action on a certain networks.

In my opinion, K+ will make scores more accurate on who influences who and in what topic.


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